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Inspired by the teachings of David Hoffmeister and A Course in Miracles, we are dedicated to inner peace and Awakening.

We live the practical application of A Course in Miracles, focusing on the Guidance of the Spirit within. This way of life is one where absolutely everything is used for one Purpose; to come to the experience of true freedom.

Wilbetree House, home to Living Miracles Australia, sits on a 1000 acre farm in the foothills of the charming country town of Mudgee, New South Wales. Nestled amongst soft green rolling hills, this gentle location provides the ideal backdrop for deliberate rest from your world. Be supported in this tranquil setting and sink into the stillness of your heart.

Come for a 2-5 day Personal Retreat in the heritage homestead. Spend time in a heartfelt community living in a daily rhythm focused on the reverence of the Spirit. We also offer a selection of healing modalities for you to choose from during your stay.

We offer a small number of Silent Retreats each year, which are a unique opportunity to rest deeply in the discovery of your own being. Details and dates available here.

Residential Retreats and longer Devotional Stays are also available with the opportunity to join us in a life devoted to the practical application of A Course in Miracles, including teaching sessions, movies, meditation, and music.

“Boldly follow your heart and let love lead you inward into the stillness, not by pushing something away but by embracing your deepest joys. The simple joys are the ones closer than breathing.”
David Hoffmeister

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Enlightenment = The falling away of the idea of a separate self
Our approach focuses on the Guidance of the Spirit within, which acts as an inner compass allowing the form of the path to be given moment by moment. This is a practical, direct, and single-pointed approach where absolutely everything in our daily lives is used for one Purpose: to come to the experience of true freedom. The Spirit meets us where we believe we are, unwinding and taking us deeper and deeper into an expansion of the mind to the awareness that there is no separate self. Stepping stones were Given to gently bring us along the path into the Present moment, where the idea of a path disappears in the release of all concepts and the recognition that there was never anything wrong (and no path to walk on!)
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